Why is Punk.Network

Punk.Network is a high-performance NFT-friendly mainnet developed based on Substrate architecture with NPoS (Nominated Proof-of-Stake) as consensus mechanism.

NFTCastle.io, an NFT trading and financial platform developed on Punk.Network, integrates diversified financial services, such as NFT-type asset mortgage loans, StNFT (standardized NFT) and SynNFT (mortgage casting NFT) issuance and transactions.

Punk.Network also reached a strategic cooperation with CMGE Tech Group Ltd.,(00302.HK), and obtained the exclusive authorization of its flagship game “Red and Blue” as a leading product to expand the NFT game market;

Punk.Network’s native token, Punk, it can not only to be set as the currency token for the mainnet, but also the equity currency of NFTCastle.io.

The founding team members of Punk.Network have experience in blockchain technology development, investment incubation, game publishing and promotion, art collection, auction and curation, project operation management, etc. The team is well-configured and has sufficient experience and successful cases in their respective fields.

Introducing a high-performance NFT-Friendly mainnet.

Today, we’re announcing Punk.Network, a new mainnet based on the Substrate architecture with NPoS (Nominated Proof of Stakes) as the consensus mechanism, which can accommodate a wide range of asset types, a large number of transactions and various type of smart contracts.

Punk is committed to provide comprehensive asset solutions for the virtual world, providing decentralized issuance, circulation and high-performance technical support for various types of contracts (legal, financial, contract, etc.) for diversified virtual assets (Fungible Token & None Fungible Token) to be applied to games, art and derivative mass scenarios, in combination with the highly autonomous DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), it will become a diversified and futuristic electronic-cyber ecosystem.

Punk.Network is an active proponent of Polkadot ecology. It is the vision of Punk.Network to enable everyone to use Web3.0 blockchain technology efficiently and cost effective, and to enjoy the convenient services and cutting- edge ecological dividends it brings.

Artwork, gaming and IP(intellectual property) products are the three most important directions in NFT-type assets.

In the field of art, NFTCastle.io will be developed by Punk.Network founding team, aims to build the EWorld’s decentralized financial and trading platform for encrypt arts, including NFT transactions, mortgage loan and standardized issuance of NFT assets. NFTCastle.io has already integrated 100 Chinese artists and more than 30,000 works.

In the field of games, Punk.Network has also reached a strategic cooperation with CMGE(00302.HK). Its flagship trading card game “Red and Blue” will authorize Punk.Network to issue and sell assets exclusively.

In the future, Punk.Network will seek more cooperation, develops more high-quality assets and asset types, and organizes various exhibitions and events, and strives to expand its influence in the humanities fields such as art, games and IP products.

In order to create the highest quality utility and circulation ecology for NFT, Punk.Network has ca rried out creative designs, such a s supporting the STNFT(Standardized NFT) at the bottom of the technology.

In addition, Punk.Network has also designed ecological governance and token mechanism that is suitable to NFT network ecology. The native DApp developed by Punk.Network can achieve one-stop construction of NFT-type asset, DeFi smart contract products, DGAME smart contract game products and Prc-20 standard Token issuance.



A high-performance NFT-friendly mainnet developed based on Substrate architecture for decentralized apps and assets.

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Punk Network

A high-performance NFT-friendly mainnet developed based on Substrate architecture for decentralized apps and assets.