“Punk.Network X Metaverse” special session is about to start!

The IFIC Summit Shanghai station, co-hosted by people digital and finwex, will be held at InterContinental Jing’an Shanghai from June 22 to 23, 2021.

2021 is the closing year of the three-year plan for the development of financial technology. With a series of technological innovations such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, the deep integration of science and technology and finance has opened in the fields of payment and settlement, wealth management, retail banking, insurance, transaction settlement, etc. Ific Global Financial Technology Innovation Summit · Shanghai station will invite top experts and leading entrepreneurs in the industry to jointly study and judge financial technology under new global challenges and changes, share new opportunities for industry development, and help China’s long-term and high-quality development of digital economy.

Punk.Network was invited to co-organize the “Metaverse Metaverse Special” to be held on June 23. Ken Yang, the Founder of Punk.Network will give a speech on the issue of ‘Medium of Metaverse: Everything is NFT’ and will meet with celebrities in the industry.

For in-depth discussion, the content of this summit will write a historic chapter for the realization of Metaverse.


Asia’s most influential blockchain and digital technology series summit brand,Collect industry projects,investment institutions,authoritative media to create a credible cooperation platform to communicate and discuss the application prospect of blockchain technology.

Co-host:PEOPLE DIGITAL — Top media influence in China

People’s Daily Digital Communication is a state media company under the People‘s Daily. Its mission is to communicate messages of the People’s Daily and party papers of central and local levels to the public. As a pioneering media integration effort, People Digital leverages on the leading brand power, resources and channel advantages of the People’s Daily, China’s biggest media. PEOPLE’S DIGITAL FINTECH project is committed to building a professional media in Fintech.


FINWEX/QE GROUP work with local regulatory agencies to create credible cooperation platforms and promote the development of Fintech. The FINWEX/QE team introduced top industry conferences such as FINWISE, GFIS, and IFIC. The IFIC conferences were hosted in key Asia cities including Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sanya, Haikou and Seoul since 2017.

Guests Present

More than 2000 attendee , 60+ innovative enterprises , 70+Industry leaders , 100+Investment institutions, 70+Media reports

Top Speakers in the Business Community of China

Feng Lun | Godfather of Chinese business, Founder of Wantong Group, Founder of XGALATRANS

Zhu Jiaming | Economist

Dr.Robert Zubrin | Founder of Mars Society US

Riconi You | Founder of FINWEX

Derek Qiu | Chairman of QE Group /FINWEX Asia

Zhuang Fengyuan | Fellow of the International Academy of Astronautics and Professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics

Li Xuan| General Manager of People’s Daily Digital Communication (Shanghai)

Li Hai Lin | Chairman of Dongdu Group

Ma Xiaofeng | Dean, Blockchain Research Institute, Tongji University

Suri Peng | Director of the electronic five blockchains of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Huang Tianwei | Chairman of Time Group

Menzhe | Jinshajiang Capital Partners

Zhang Baizhou | Stoll Capital Partner and former SoftBank China Partner

Li Maoshi | General Manager of Tencent Blockchain

Wang Zuyao | PwC Partner of Shanghai

Shi Qiuhui | President of XGALATRANS

Li Yang | Vice President, Beijing Venture Capital Association

Yang Linke | Founder and CEO of BTCC

Zhao Qianjie | 12Ships Foundation CEO

Yuan Hao | Fundamental Lab Managing Partner

Song Fei | Managing Partner, DSFUND, And Managing Partner, Herculus Capital


Liu Chunru | Outpost Capital

Iris | Anze Capital VP

Jia Xiaobe | “8 Ask” host of 8BTC

An Xin Xin | Golden Finance CEO

Yuzhu | BitWell CMO

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