Punk.Network will hold NFT New Species Exhibition at Being 3 Gallery in Beijing

‘Punk.Network’ & ‘Theogo’ will be held at Being 3 Gallery in Beijing during the spring and summer, a new concept exhibition of NFT, ‘The Great Pythagoras’ presented by a group of pioneer artists.

This project will be the first generation of digitization of assets in the art world. The exhibition will be presented in the form of ‘visitors strolling’, ‘distributed emergence’ and ‘multi-dimensional shuttle’.
Trying to achieve the form of ‘everywhere is art, everywhere can be participated’.

As a established domestic gallery, Being 3 Gallery is the most influential art carrier and value discoverer. In the context of cross-cultural diversity, it attracts a large number of collectors, curators and art lovers with pioneering exhibitions.

The project uses Being 3 Gallery as the base, allowing participants to experience the impact of cryptoart in 4D while traveling around the world of art.
Participants will experience a new way of digital art trading with artists.

This exhibition will also be held at ART BEIJING at the end of April.