Punk.Network-Quarterly Update (April to June)

💻 Tech-Update

1. Further development of the incentive and contract layer is carried out, and the dual architecture is developed side by side to develop Demo V1-V3 pass logic.

2.Part of the code logic and the pledge system semi-implanted slug has been tested in CyberSpace.

3.The technical strategic framework has been adjusted to shift some of the focus to NFT applications and cross-chain development, and more development progress will be gradually disclosed.

4.Application layer is friendly local implementation to mobile terminals and other multi-terminal.

5.Part of version control and interoperability compatibility degree expansion

6. DAO facilities (Meta) — its rules are encoded to allow collective management debugging

7.Governance byte debugging environment and monitoring tools to optimize

NFTCastle.io-NFT Exchange

- The bottom logic development of multi-chain deployment of heterogeneous platforms.

- The full chain test of user-owned NFT fragmentation front and rear and smart contract development.

- SnyNFT’s smart contract validation and research the call-trade multidimensional enabling new asset logic validation test.

- Cyberpledge-NFT asset pledge agreement.

- The credit interaction logic verification between debit and credit, Web3.0 three subsage models inferring interaction.

- Mortgage management mechanism optimization and update development.

- NFT excess lending and repayment standards of various models to develop

- Game Punk-Dex.

-Demo logic validation.

-Interaction and benefit disassembly grading system.

-Multi-chain heterogeneous aggregation, asset bridge depth fit confidence assessment.

Community development:

Punk has developd a global polkadot community:

Twitter: around 46k followers

Telegram: in tatal 55123members including 1channel and 10 groups.

News Channel:https://t.me/PunkNetwork_News 12891subscribers

Official goup:https://t.me/PunkNetwork 18987 members

China:https://t.me/PunkChina 5236 members

Russia:https://t.me/PunkRussia 1608 members

Nigeria:https://t.me/PunkNigeria 4792 members

Vietnam:https://t.me/PunkVietnam 3878members

India:https://t.me/PunkIndia 1719 members

Ghana:https://t.me/PunkGhana 1898 members

Japan:https://t.me/joinchat/LTo6gXwYYIwyYmE5 398members

Egypt:https://t.me/punkarabic 3533 members

Pakistan:https://t.me/PunkNetworkPakistan 93 members

Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PunkNetworkofficial 2715followers

So we believe our community is going to be world-wide and much bigger.

Official Events

So far, two encryption art exhibitions have been successfully held in Beijing. Ken Yang,the founder of Punk.Network & NFT.Castle.io gave interview by CGTN during The Great Pythagoras and also gave interview by BeijingTV during Cyber Emergence — NFT Encryption Art Exhibition

The Great Pythagoras

Date:May 9,2021-May 27,2021

Venue:Su 3 cultural industrial park


Have more information,please visit:https://www.chainnews.com/articles/474235977685.htm

Cyber Emergence — NFT Encryption Art Exhibition

Date:May 20,2021-June 7,2021

Venue:Beijing Long Fu temple

Have more information,please visit:https://www.chainnews.com/articles/394924703979.htm

  • Approached OKEx and would conduct the distribution and sale of some art and game types NFT.

Gleam Campaign by DAO V1.0:

Duration:April 10-May 10

Task number:4


Total Entries:79704

Gleam Campaign by DAO V2.0:

Duration:May 15-June 15

Task number:10


Total Entries:1024795

Fans party held by Pakistan ambassador-Gig night V1.0

Ads on Nigerian University TV

Fans party held by Pakistan ambassador-Gig night V2.0

Many thanks to all of our supporters, please keep concern, more good news will be released soon.

🚨All information is based solely on the official release platform.🚨

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Punk Network

Punk Network

A high-performance NFT-friendly mainnet developed based on Substrate architecture for decentralized apps and assets.