Punk.Network Digital Art Exhibition “The Great Pythagoras” was successfully held and an art foundation will be established

Punk.Network and the offline digital art exhibition “The Great Pythagoras” held at Being 3 Gallery in Beijing on May 9, 2021 were successfully held.

The famous artist He Yunchang completed the first minting process of his personal work “In and Out” and successfully sold 50 works.

‘In and Out’ is presented at hall
He Yunchang

Furthermore, Punk.Network will take this opportunity to establish a foundation, which aims to invest in and help young emerging digital artists, expand the influence of Digital art and promote the infrastructure of the NFT industry.

At the same time, to commemorate and commemorate the founder of Ayi Tudou, Mr. Liang Xing’an, Punk.Network decided to donate part of the profit of the fund to help children who love painting in poverty-stricken areas and contribute to arts and culture and Volunteer Teaching in China.