The Medusa-like young artist Kang Jia’s “Master of Reality” was inspired by the Black Sabbath band’s eponymous album. While thinking about the rebellious rock spirit, it revealed the secrets of cultural consumerism.
This work is a composite installation composed of ready-made objects, skeletons, concrete and other media. It has a strong perceptual output of personal memory.

The artist’s most sober understanding of this era is reflected in this work. The background of modern people’s life, from the singing of life to the phosphorescence of death, is the neon-style pleasure-seeking and consumerism.

The NFT version of “Master of Reality” is an extension of the installation into a digital work, incorporating a hybrid approach of surrealism. The neon light is a container that brings us back to the flickering age of rebellion.

The other two gif works brought by the artist were named “The King” and “Queen”, reflecting the close-up of the hand and the dollar sign in Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, After digital processing, these elements crisscross into a crisscross texture.In the process of digital creation, several symmetrical superimpositions and vectorizations form a complex psychedelic linear composition.

The collision of the patterns finally produced two images vaguely, one like the face of Satan from hell, and the other like a queen overlooking all beings.

The visual impact brought by overlapping images leads the viewer into a journey of consciousness in the depths of the digital world, which not only reminds people of the invisible mystery and enlightenment in the plot of the movie “Alien”.

AI technology was invented by humans. She will generate images in her own way, and thrive, following the purest sequence of biological transmission.

The oldest and strongest human emotion is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is the fear of the unknown. This fear is about torture in the depths of human nature.

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