How to view your Thangka NFTs Airdrop in your wallet?

2. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ to jump to the Wallet link page; Click on the Little Fox button to link to the MetaMask Wallet and connect to the BSC Mainnet.

(if you have not installed the MetaMask Wallet or deployed the BSC main website, please see this tutorial

3. Once connected, click on the wallet address in the top right corner;

You will see NFT page where you can view the NFTs you owned and on sale; Click on ‘My NFT’.

4. Click on ‘owned NFT’ to see your NFTs and then you would find out your airdrop rewards!

Click on ‘sell’ to go to the NFT display page and sell the NFT as you wish!

Punk.Network is a blockchain application chain focused on the Metaverse, NFT and GameFi, with exposure to cross-chain/multi-chain research and development, NFT application chains, NFT markets, art and the issuance of GameFi assets.

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Punk Network

Punk Network

A high-performance NFT-friendly mainnet developed based on Substrate architecture for decentralized apps and assets.