‘2021·To the future’‘CyberEmergence’-NFT Cryptographic Art Exhibition officially opened today at Beijing Longfu Temple Cultural Center!

Theme: ‘CyberEmergence’-NFT Cryptographic Art Exhibition

Time: May 20-June 7, 2021

Location: 9th Floor, Longfu Building, №95 Longfusi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (New Longfu Company)

‘CyberEmergence’-NFT Cryptographic Art Exhibition jointly organized by “Punk.Network” and “Mr. Art” was held today on the 9th floor of Beijing Longfu Building, Longfu Temple, Beijing.

Numerous media and NFT digitalart lovers paid attention on the opening day, Beijing Radio and Television Station conducted an interview. More than 1,000 people arrived at the exhibition and the visitors felt the unique sense of ‘walking through step by step, everywhere in cyberspace’ in the scene.

Pang Maokun, Li Xiangqun, Dai Yuxiang, Chen Hui, Qin Pu, Shen Hongbiao, Wang Jiazeng, Yang Hongwei, Zhong Biao, Mu Zhifei, Yang Xueguo, Ren Zhe, Jing Xiaolei, Tian Xiaolei, Wang Xiaobo, Su Zhipeng, Wang Yinan, Zhang Wenchao, Ji Yiwei, Wang Liwei, Huang Xiao, Feng Le, Liu Yang, WIZMAN have been invited to the exhibition and there will be 24 artists’s Exhibiting artwork show up in the exhibition.

This exhibition includes oil painting, sculpture, printmaking, video, music, CG design and other works in various categories and are also the most representative classic work by many outstanding domestic artists.
The contrast between cyberpunk and classicism, electronic screens and carved beams and paintings.

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