📸 Airdrop Event V2.0 is closed!

Total Entries have 1,000,000 by June 13th and more than 8000+ addresses has been collected!

The first-ever parachain slot auction on Kusamanetwork

has begun! Quick rundown of what happened the past week, what’s happening now, and what’s coming in the next 7 days.

📸 Airdrop Event V2.0

Total Entries have 935820 by June 11th and more than 7000+ addresses has been collected!

You got 3 days left to join a competition for PunkDAO Airdrop Event V2.0!

📸 Airdrop Event V2.0

At May 31, we already reached 600k entries! The participant count has exploded and it’s just the beginning. Can’t wait for what’s to come.

📸 Airdrop Event V2.0

You got 16 days left to join a competition for PunkDAO Airdrop Event V2.0!

Zhang Zhiwei’s 12 photographic works are presented on the large glass windows of the church space in Being3 Gallery completing the visual metaphor of Hesiod’s “The Book of Gods”. The extraordinary creativity of the artists was dedicated to the great Pythagoras.

The work reveals the possibility of the world’s most colorful images in the encrypted world, 281 trillion colors.

On another level, artists’ obsession with rose windows predates their exposure to Cryptoart, Rosace has always been a fragile thing for artists.

Around 2012–2013, the artist began to draw Rosace manuscripts based on accessible materials, including real churches (img 0562 Notre…

The five works of artist Yue Zhiqiang, ‘FORTYTWO’, ‘NINE’, ‘ONE’, ‘TWENTYONE’ and ‘The Judgment’ all come from the high-definition peony gallery created by the artist for many years.

The artist has taken more than 9,000 high-definition peony images for 20 years, all of which have obtained copyright certification from the National Copyright Library. Based on the traditional Chinese IP and aesthetics of the peony flower, the artist uses AI technology to use the gene of the peony flower to generate a series of “super dazzling” works.


Every circle is the soul of a peony.

On the basis of the super-dazzling series, the artist combined his works with the Book of Changes to form the Jiugong Super-dazzling series of digital art, which the artist believes is the purest contemporary art of Chinese genes.

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The young artist Wang Yuxing’s “Unfinished Boat — Light in the Woods — NFT” (motion photography/GIF) in the dynamic photography works. The tree has become a boat, the original meaning is that the trees have been made into a boat, and the development of metaphors is a foregone conclusion.

The artist wants to find a way to live peacefully with the world through the act of photography, so as to complete a transformation of self-contradictory emotions and collect and release a certain hidden energy.

“The unfinished boat may be a hint: Although good and bad are always in the loop…

Theme: ‘CyberEmergence’-NFT Cryptographic Art Exhibition

Time: May 20-June 7, 2021

Location: 9th Floor, Longfu Building, №95 Longfusi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (New Longfu Company)

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